How To Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain With 9 Easy Tips?

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By Jacob G. Turner

Normally, a pregnant woman will face intense troubles and pain at different stages of her pregnancy. Back pain is the most common problem during this period. Sometimes, this back pain becomes so severe that a pregnant woman cannot tolerate it. Therefore, a simple question will come to your mind how to relieve pregnancy back pain? Back pain is not surprising for you as you are gaining much weight. One of the most familiar back pains that a pregnant woman faces is the pain between the shoulder blades during pregnancy. Whenever you start facing this pain, you have to consult with your doctor and follow some vital tips to reduce this pain.

Tips on How to Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain

There are numerous medications to get twin pregnancy back pain relief. We have discussed the best procedures in the following paragraphs. 

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is a well-known breathing technique, meditation, and exercise that improves health conditions and brings comfort, strength, and flexibility to the human body. Pregnant women consider prenatal yoga as their top choice as medication for back pain problems. Moreover, prenatal yoga tackles mental stress and tension through mindful and deep breathing workouts. Besides, yoga can help you reduce stress, make your mind peaceful and relaxed, and have a sound sleep. 


Acupuncture, an East Asian treatment technique, removes the human body’s obstacles to smooth energy and blood flow. This technique deals with needles that are very fine and inserted into a pressure point of the body. This process improves the digestion system, brings relaxation, and enhances the energy level. Acupuncture has a positive correlation with the remedy of back pain during pregnancy. However, you need to consult with a doctor or a certified therapist whether acupuncture is suitable for you or not.

Prenatal massage

A perfect prenatal massage can give you fast relief from severe back pain during back pain. But you have to take the massage from a certified massage therapist. This prenatal massage reduces anxiety and depression during pregnancy. Swedish massage is a soothing and gentle massage. The specialists consider it the most advisable kind of prenatal massage. This type of massage does not push any fluid through the human body in a negative and unhealthy way. However, a pregnant woman should discuss this with her doctor before taking any prenatal massage.

Physical therapy

A certified physical therapist will manipulate the muscles, nerves, and joints. He will provide you with a pregnancy back pain relief exercise, and you can continue it at home very easily. This person can teach you all the procedures of walking, sitting, standing, lying down, bending forward, and all types of suitable exercises during pregnancy. Physical therapy is very fruitful during this period, which can be covered by a suitable health insurance plan.


Meditation is quite different from massage and yoga. You do not need any instructor for this, like yoga. You can do a proper meditation at any time in your living room or any suitable place. This technique is very suitable for a pregnant woman to get relaxation from back pain. There are a lot of processes of meditation for you.

The easiest and most convenient process for a pregnant woman is to lie down or sit anywhere and concentrate on deep breathing. At that time, you can listen to the guideline of meditation or a soft and peaceful song. Regular meditation will boost your tolerance level so that you can cope with back pain and delivery pain.


Experts highly recommend swimming as a suitable form of exercise for pregnant women. You can get relief from the pressure off your spine. Gravity will not have any effect on your body during swimming as you will feel weightless. Swimming will tone your arms, back, legs, and core muscles of your body. Swimming in the pool will decompress your spine, and it will give your back enough relaxation. But, it would be best if you discussed it with your physician before swimming, in case of a high-risk pregnancy.

Sleep support

Lack of sleep is a common phenomenon during your pregnancy. Back pain is the main reason for this problem. You will need good support during sleeping to prevent back pain. You can use a thick cloth or towel perpendicularly, which will give your spine relaxation. Sleeping at a side is very significant during pregnancy to optimize blood flow to your upcoming baby. Doctors always forbid sleeping on the back as it is not comfortable and bad for the baby. The specialists advise pregnant women to use a stable mattress for sleeping.

Wearing a suitable maternity belt

The maternity belt is an undergarment that supports the belly and lowers the back of a pregnant woman. It restricts the lower back to be highly strained. It prevents the lower spine and the immediate area from severe pain. It will help you a lot if you work. Doctors always advise you to use it during work.

Wearing the appropriate shoes

During pregnancy, you have to be more careful using shoes. High-heeled shoes are very risky to use during pregnancy. Moreover, these types of shoes raise the curving of your back and produce high pressure on it. This type of shoe shifts the full weight of the body to the lower part of your spine. Dr. Rosser, an expert in this case, has advised using low-heeled shoes to be comfortable and get enough support and stability.

These tips are the best suggestions for pregnant women, according to doctors and general health consultants. By going through this article, you will get enough ideas about how to relieve pregnancy back pain. You can keep your body, possibly relaxed, and can lessen your pregnancy back pain by following them.

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In conclusion, Pregnancy back pain is a formidable and discomforting occurrence for numerous women. Nevertheless, an assortment of efficacious remedies can alleviate this pain and enhance overall pregnancy comfort. A multitude of options, from practicing proper posture and participating in low-impact exercises to employing thermal therapy and obtaining routine prenatal massages, are at the disposal of women suffering from back pain during pregnancy. Consulting with a healthcare provider before initiating any novel treatments is imperative to ensure the safety of both the mother and the baby. Women can experience enhanced ease and comfort during this exceptional stage of their lives by taking pre-emptive measures to address pregnancy back pain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I relieve lower back pain during pregnancy?

Back pain can persist throughout pregnancy for some women. You can try the following to try and reduce it.

  1. Get a pregnancy pillow and sleep using it.
  2. Whenever you sit keep back support.
  3. From 7th month you can start exercising.

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