10 Useful Wallpaper Tips For Kids To Pick Out Their Bedroom Wallpaper

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By Jacob G. Turner

Children often have a hard time deciding on the type of wallpaper for walls. This can be stressful for parents and the child. While it might seem like your options are limited to letting your child pick out what they want or making all the decisions yourself, there are plenty of ways you can make this process easier on both of you. Here are some tips to make your child engaged when choosing peel and stick nursery wallpaper.

Why peel and stick wallpaper in kids’ room?

Peel and stick wallpaper for kids’ rooms is a great way to have the custom look you want with little to no effort. Peel and stick wallpapers are easy to install, inexpensive, and readily available online. You can find some great styles that are appropriate for both boys and girls as well as any age of the child.

Choosing a style that your child will like can help ease some of the stress of deciding on the type of wallpaper they want. By letting your child pick out the wallpaper they want you can be sure you are making them happy as well as giving them a chance to express themselves. Additionally, if you are going to be having any kind of renovation in the bedroom, it is best to work with a company that can do a good job.

1. Get them involved in the process: Making a list of what they need

One way to help your child engage in the decision-making process is to make sure they are involved. One way you can do this is by creating a list of all the things they want in their bedroom and what they don’t want. To make this easier on them, add a “no opinion” column and let them know that if they put something there, it will be up to you to decide. After you’ve created the list, have them help you whittle it down to their top three choices.

2. Show them pictures of their favorites

Another way you can get them involved in the decision-making process is by showing them pictures of their favorite kid’s peel and stick wallpapers and asking which one they like the most from each category. If they like a certain theme or type of art in general, they can pick one from a certain category, giving you an idea of what might be best for your child’s bedroom.

3. Have them go shopping with you

If you do decide to let your child pick out their own wallpaper, make sure you take them with you when you go shopping for it. Doing this will allow them to see the types of designs and artwork that are out there and what is available. This will give them a better idea of what they want for their bedroom and it can also help educate your child about art in general.

4. Choose a peel and stick wallpaper for them

If you are tired of hearing your child complain about not being able to make the final decision, purchasing a peel and stick wallpaper for them is a good way to address the issue. Peel and stick wallpapers allow you to put the design up yourself and your child can change it whenever they want. You can even do this on the weekend when you have more time so you don’t become frustrated with your child.

5. Let them choose the right color for the wallpaper

If your child is having a difficult time deciding on the right color for their bedroom, you can help them out by letting them choose the color of their peel and stick wallpaper depending on their interests. By letting your child pick out the color of their choice, they will feel like they have more control over the design of their room.

6. Let them participate in online shopping

These days, most of the products including nursery wallpapers are bought online. This means that you and your child can visit nursery wallpaper online retails and shop around. Let them be part of the shopping process by letting them add a product to the online shopping cart. You can also use this time to talk about the product, discuss how it will look in your child’s room, and let them choose.

7. Make sure they know that it is their room

If you are worried about your child not being responsible enough to help out with the maintenance of their peel and stick wallpaper, show them how simple it is to the process of removing and re-applying the wallpaper when necessary. This way, they will know that it is their responsibility to handle the wallpaper and make sure it is taken care of.

8. Let your child pick out a pattern

Let your child pick out a pattern for their bedroom wallpaper.  This can be done on the weekend when they have more free time, allowing you to discuss which pattern they should choose with them. This will automatically make the kid feel like they have participated fully on the process of choosing what they have in their nursery wallpaper.

9. Let them participate in the Nursery wallpaper application

With some wallpapers, it is possible to let your child help you with the application process. This will give them a sense of how easy the process is, how rewarding it feels and how important it is to take care of their bedroom wallpapers in order to keep them looking nice.

10. Get your kid involved in the whole decision-making process

Finally, make sure that your child fully participated in all of the decisions about what should be done with their bedroom wallpapers. This includes letting the child comment on the final look of their bedroom.


When choosing a peel and stick nursery wallpaper, make sure to understand which colors will fit well with your child’s interests and lighting. You can also let your kids choose a pattern that matches their interests, or let them pick their own color combination if you feel confident enough to do so. Pick something that is appealing to your child and that you are sure they will love. With these tips, it should be easier for you both to choose a nursery wallpaper that is perfect for your children.

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