How to Identify Quality Artificial Grass in 2024

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By Jacob G. Turner

Want to buy quality artificial grass but are confused about how to identify a durable one? Well, synthetic turf is all the rage. There is a lot of demand, so manufacturers are bringing different types of grass into the market. As a result, it has become a daunting task for buyers to identify which one is perfect for them.

If you are sailing in the same boat, then fret not. This post talks about all the important attributes that will help you spot quality artificial grass. Here you go.

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The first glance

When you casually look at the artificial grass, you will notice if it is clean or not. For sure, you would like to buy turf that appears cleaner and greener. If you already see dirt on it, then it is a clear sign that the fake grass is not of good quality.

Check the back

A fine turf has a heavy layer of coating of either latex or polyurethane, which allows it to stick to the place. The fake grass in which one can easily see fibers through the coating is clearly of low quality.

When there is not enough good quality coating on the back of the grass, there are high chances that it will lose fiber quickly. This means that the blades of the turf will fall out easily because of a lack of strength from the back.

Frequency factor

This is something that you must count on and talk upfront with the supplier. If you plan to use artificial grass in high traffic areas, then choose the toughest and top quality grass. Make sure you pick the one which is highly durable and can withstand frequent use.

Purpose and site

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Turfs are made from different materials such as nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Different grass is used for different purposes as well as areas. You may add it in the commercial place or residential area.

The main thing is to choose it accordingly, whether you buy it to have a home lawn, a little playground for your kids, a green sports complex, or want it for playing golf. Options are many, and you have to pick one depending on the purpose.

Double backing

The back of the turf is known as backing. When it comes to artificial grass with single backing, they are not suitable for the long run. That is why it is always better to opt for the fake turf that has double backing. These types of grass are sturdy and hold the fibers intact at their place.

High durability

The best thing about synthetic turfs is that they are highly durable and need low maintenance. However, if the fake grass is of bad quality, then it won’t last long. The turfs that have flat fibers exhibit great aesthetics and feel soft will flatten swiftly. The reason being such grass is not resilient and offers little resistance.

If you have a pet, then you should look for a pet-friendly turf that features polypropylene fiber. Such turfs are comfy, affordable, and stay in shape for years.


This is the actual material from which the synthetic turfs are composed. Cheap artificial grass has low quality resin, and as a result, they fade off. In fact, there are high chances that such turf will melt along with losing its color. This happens when low grade fillers are used in the making of synthetic grass.

Well, you would not want those blades to melt away. So you can check with the supplier and ask about the details and warranty of the product. You can also ask them to share customer feedback.


This can happen when a bit of yarn of another color gets into the making of artificial grass. When the operator is unable to spot this in the manufacturing process, then this stripe will go on and on in that particular grass. It is apparent that apart from being noticeable, it will ruin the effect of turf.

Check if there is any striping in the product before you make any purchase. In case you miss it, then there is still a way because it can be caught during the installation. A professional installer assesses the turf when installing it. However, it is always good to check this before buying the product.

The height of the pile

No doubt that taller grass looks lush, but after a short time, its blade will bend. This will make the grass appear flat. Usually, the best height is 25 to 30 mm, where the grass is short and offers a natural look. Those who want taller grass can go anywhere between 30 to 38 mm. The key thing is that shorter piles are far better than longer piles when compared in regards to durability.


The more the density, the greater the durability. The grass, which is denser and has 16,500 to 18,000 stitches per square meter, is perfect for the area with more traffic. Talking about the weight of the dense pile, basically, it is 3 kilograms per square meter. The ultimate thing about dense artificial grass is that it appears more natural and lush.

Ultraviolet protection

It is indispensable to choose the artificial grass that comes with a UV warranty, especially if you live in a region with high UV rays. This is because low quality turfs are prone to degradation. It will fade while giving your lawn a dull appearance. This will indeed be a great loss to you. That is why buying fine quality turf with a UV warranty is extremely important.

Bonus point

As there are different types of synthetic grass, therefore, it is vital that you choose the one according to your requirements. However, the ground rule is that you go for high quality artificial turf that is weather-resistant. The grass that is adaptable to sudden changes in the environment will last long for years.


These were some of the top tips for recognizing the quality of artificial grass. There is no doubt that it can appear overwhelming. But as you have to invest in high-quality grass, knowing these factors become crucial.

Employing these tips in your search will surely help you land the finest quality artificial grass for your place.

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