How to Prepare Your Home for Winter?

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By Jacob G. Turner

Getting your home ready for winter is important to stay warm and safe. By doing a few simple tasks, you can protect your house from the cold and save on energy bills. From checking the heating system to sealing windows, these steps will help ensure a cozy and comfortable winter season.

Cozy Up Your Bedroom

cozy bedroom

The chilly winter weather makes everyone long to curl up in bed with a cup of warm coffee or hot chocolate. But if the bedroom is not warm, you will never get to enjoy the cold season. We know it is never a good idea to install a fireplace in your bedroom as it becomes a safety concern. However, there are plenty of ways to turn your bedroom into a cozy place to enjoy the chilly weather of winter. 

When we are in our bedroom, chances are we will spend the majority of our time on the bed. Hence, you need to ensure your bedding is suitable to handle the cold weather and can provide you with the warmth you need to enjoy the chilly weather. To further amp up the coziness, add a fluffy comforter and pillows to your bed. Pillow-top mattresses can be a good choice. It is better to let your bed be dripped in white color. The white color will catch all the sunlight and make you want to sink into the bed. Speaking of lighting, you need to make sure your bedroom has a soothing lighting environment. Warm yellow lights can be a good option as it soothe our eyes. 

Insulate Your Windows

Isulate Window

The chilly coldness enters your home through the windows. If you want to protect yourself from the shivering cold, you need to make sure your windows are sealed up and ready to fight back the outside cold. There are a few ways to insulate your windows and make them strong enough to tackle winter. 

You can buy window insulation films. These insulation kits are easy to install and ready to use. Windows insulation kits usually include a plastic shrink film which you will need to install on the indoor frame of the window using double-sided sticky tape. If there are any wrinkles on the kit after installation, you can use a hairdryer to heat up the kit and remove the wrinkles.

A cheaper option for insulating your windows is using bubble wrap. It may lack the aesthetic, but the bubble wrap will do the job at a cheaper cost. The installation process is also very easy. Just sprinkle some water on the window to make it wet and apply the bubble wraps. Seal the edges of the window using duct tape, and your insulated windows are ready. 

Another expensive option is to install thermal curtains on your windows. Thermal curtains are a modern invention. The price is high, but it provides the most aesthetic solution to the problem. Thermal curtains come with a special lining that can hold the warm air inside during the winter. Interestingly it can also prevent the hot breeze of summer from entering your room. In addition, it can block the light and reduce the noise coming from outside of the house. If you decide to go for this option, make sure the thermal curtains cover the entire window of your room. 

Prepare Your Closet

Prepare Closet

Winter is the best time to give your closet a new and fresh look. Once the summer is over, you should prepare your closet to tackle the bitter cold. The first step in preparing a closet is taking everything out of the closet. Once everything is out of the closet, you need to start sorting out the clothes to keep or donate away. Summer wear such as swimsuits, shorts, skirts, beachwear, pants, and sandals can be stored in a bin. You should toss or donate away the clothes that you are unlikely to use the next summer. Often, we store clothes because we feel some attachment to their clothes. However, storing clothes old clothes will only clutter the closet. Make space for winter clothing. Winter clothes take up more space as they are thicker. Separate your jackets and jumpers. Try to keep them in front of the closet as you are likely to use them every day. 

Make your Fireplace Ready

ready fireplace

If you rely on a wood stove or a fireplace to keep your apartment warm, you should ensure it is in great condition before the winter. You need to clean out the last year’s ashes. Give it a trial run after finishing the cleaning. Store enough wood for the winter. You should also clean out your chimney before the winter. While you are cleaning your chimney, you can also get your roof inspected. 

Store Winter Essentials 

The chilly weather of winter brings snow and ice. Make sure your snow removal gears are in good shape. The snowstorm can come out of nowhere. It is wise to prepare yourself beforehand. Apart from snow-removing gears, you can also buy yourself a thermos to keep your hot drinks warm for a longer period. Scented candles are great in winter as they not only keep your room lightened up but also provide calming aromas. It is better to disinfect your home before winter. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the window insulation kits?

Ans: You can get the kits from departmental stores, or you can buy them online. 

Is a comforter better than blankets?

Ans: That depends on individual preferences. However, the main difference between a comforter and a blanket is that a comforter is made with insulation between two layers of fabric. But a blanket is made with a single layer of fabric. 

How do you stop the floor from being wet in winter?

Ans: The floors get wet in winter due to condensation. It can occur due to the surface material of the floor or the temperature change. It is better to use a floor mat during the winter. 


Winter is a tough season. If you are not prepared enough, you may catch a disease. As we know, prevention is better than cure; it is wiser to prepare yourself before winter arrives. Make sure your bed is cozy and warm to keep you safe during the extremely low-temperature period at late night. Prepare your windows properly and make them ready to fight away from the cold breeze. You need proper winter clothes too. Ready your closet and bring out the winter clothes in front. Lastly, buy the winter essentials to keep yourself well-equipped to not only fight the snow but to enhance your winter experience as well.

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