Enhance Your Baby’s Comfort: How to Make Crib Mattress Higher in 5 Easy Steps

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By Jacob G. Turner

discover How To Make Crib Mattress Higher. As a new parent, one of the common concerns of parents is how high their baby goat’s mattress should be. There are many reasons why you might want to pick up a baby goat mattress and the following guidelines will help you learn how to crib mattresses higher.

The goat mattress should be at a height to protect your baby from falling. A safe setting can be provided in a goat as your baby grows, in both cases, safety is always important. Here’s a safe guide on how to make a crib mattress taller with information on the right mattress height for different situations!

How to Make Crib Mattress Higher

Elevating your crib mattress can provide added convenience and safety for both you and your baby. With simple adjustments and techniques, you can ensure your little one sleeps soundly and comfortably. Explore our easy-to-follow guide for step-by-step instructions on how to elevate your crib mattress effectively. From adjusting the height to ensuring proper support, we’ll help you create the perfect sleeping environment for your baby. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to peaceful nights with our expert tips on making your crib mattress higher.


Why should you change the crib mattress height?

There is a good reason to adjust the crib mattresses: for the safety of your baby when they sleep or in their lap, the mattress depends in part on how low or high it is. Using an uncontrollable crib or not changing the height of your goat’s mattress as your child gets older can put you at risk of injury. For example, if the crib mattress is too high and your child finds a way to climb the railing, he may fall from a height and be seriously injured.

How to make crib mattresses higher?

If your cage has an adjustable goat height, change its height at different stages of the baby’s development before going to bed. If you don’t have this feature in your crib, don’t worry, there are other ways to increase the crib mattresses.

Place a blanket/towel/pillow under the mattress

You can wrap or fold a blanket, or large towel or place a few pillows under the mattress to make your mattress even higher. This is quite easy to do and will save you some money by raising the mattress in this way.

    Start by removing the mattress and using a measuring tape or ruler to mark how many inches you want to increase the mattress. And this step will help you know how many blankets/pillows/towels to put on your mattress.

    You want to create a stable foundation for sitting on the mattress. No loose blankets should be pulled out of the mattress which would be a risk of suffocation for the newborn.

    Crib Mattress

    Follow our guide on how to build a memory foam mattress foundation.

    When placing your mattress, make sure it is flat. If your mattress slips or sinks in the middle, your baby will be uncomfortable sleeping. You should always keep in mind the level of safety height of the crib mattress mentioned above.

    Use a cage wedge

    If you have no objection to dealing with many risks using a blanket or pillow, it would be a good idea to get a crib wage by spending extra money.

      A crib wedge is a product that is usually designed to increase the specific height of a mattress below 30 degrees. Since the crib wedge is designed to act as an authentic height extender, an authentic wedge can elevate the mattress while securing it. It comes in many shapes to fit the authenticity so that the material does not get stuck.

      Use bed risers

      Another alternative to raising crib mattresses is to use solid objects like books or blocks to raise the mattress. Although it may seem difficult and cunning to stabilize the mattress in this way, many parents are in favor of this method.

        So if you don’t want to buy something like Crib Wedge or use blankets, towels, or pillows then this will be right for you.

        Adjust the height of the crib mattress as your baby gets older

        There are several milestones as your child gets older that can help you determine when to reduce the height of your crib mattress.

        Sitting up (5 months old)

        As mentioned earlier, if your baby can sit up once or is close to five months old, you should start lowering your mattress in the middle. If your child can sit up, he or she will be able to pull or roll over the railing. This is very dangerous and unfortunately an accident.

        Stand (8 months old)

        If your baby is 8 months old and has learned to stand up, you should lower your crib mattress to the lowest possible setting. This is because a baby usually learns how to stand at the age of eight months and then it changes over time. You make sure and observe how your baby moves around in the goat and if they can pull themselves into a standing position.

        The second time you notice that they can do this, lower the setting if they are less than eight months old. The mattress has been lowered to avoid any accidents.


        What should be the height of a crib mattress for a newborn?

        The standard size of the crib mattress height according to safety rules is 26 inches. It definitely depends on your brand and it should be 5.5 to 6 inches thick.

        Is it safe to bend the floor with a notched mattress?

        Laying a crib mattress on the floor is definitely safe and especially for kids, it is a great idea to stand in a cage. The less space there is in the upper part of the railing for a child, the safer it is. If your child cannot reach the railing, there is no way to fall on it or get out of the groove.

        When do you need to change the height of the mattress?

        Most cases occur within 5 to 8 months and during that time you need to change the height of the mattress. You must adjust the mattress to its minimum setting for the safety of your baby.

        What should be the height of the crib mattress for a baby in the beginning?

        The safest, highest setting is to use a crib mattress when your baby is a newborn. Because children are the least active at this time. Although they can be a bit shaky, the risk of falling is low.

        Also, it makes it easier for you to place the authenticity at the maximum height while being a newborn. If you have a C-section you can avoid the discomfort of bending over the goat railing.

        Usually, five-month-old babies can sit up at this time and are a little more active. You can start reducing your crib’s mattress to a mid-height setting. As your baby gets older and taller you will gradually want to make the mattress even smaller.


        When it comes to adjusting the mattress height for your baby, keep in mind that you need to change the height of the crib mattress as your child grows. This will ensure that your baby is safe at every stage of life.

        If you want to know how to make crib mattresses higher then keep in mind the above tips. This allows you to easily rest which is a safe haven for your baby. We hope you feel free to share your experience or your own other tips with us!

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