Can Duct Cleaning Help with Massive Air Duct Contamination? [2024]

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By Jacob G. Turner

The air duct is an integral part of an HVAC unit. It carries the treated air from the HVAC system to your space. But when the air duct is contaminated with pollutants such as bacteria, mold, pollen, etc., the treated air will get polluted, and breathing such polluted air will make you sick. Besides, if you have respiratory diseases and live in such conditions at home, your health will get even worse. You may find yourself in an ER.

So how can you protect your family against such pollution? Does air duct cleaning help to remove pollution?

Can Duct Cleaning Help Air Duct Pollution?

Yes, by cleaning the HVAC air ducts, you can prevent air pollution in your house. Besides, when you keep the air ducts clean, it not only provides you with fresh air but also gives other benefits.

5 Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

1. Eliminates Foul Odor

Every house has its own smell but doesn’t confuse the smell of your house with a bad odor. When mold and microorganisms are inside the air ducts, it will cause a foul odor in your house. Besides, it will lower the air quality of your space. Moreover, the situation can get out of control and make everyone in your house sick.

If you find out that the air ducts are contaminated with microorganisms and mold, and you have a bad odor in your house, there is a high probability that it is because of the HVAC air ducts. Here, you will have to clean the air ducts ASAP.

As soon as you clean the HVAC air ducts, your house will have a fresh smell, and you will have a new ambiance in your house.

2. Increased HVAC Air Flow


When mold and microorganisms are inside the air duct, it blocks the airflow of the HVAC unit. When the airflow is blocked, the HVAC unit won’t get sufficient air to produce hot and cold air. Besides, it will create an extra load on the system, which will make the system function harder, and in the worst-case scenario, your HVAC unit can have a system breakdown. However, by cleaning the air ducts, there won’t be any micro-particles and mold to block the airflow. Thus, your HVAC unit will operate optimally.


3. Eliminates Irritants

Apart from the mold and dust, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, etc., can stay inside the HVAC air ducts. And when these mix with the treated air and you breathe it, you will have irritation and risk of getting infected with respiratory diseases.

If you don’t want to deal with such an issue, you must clean the air ducts. For this, you can call a professional HVAC air duct cleaning company.

While cleaning the air ducts, ensure that the duct cleaning company is cleaning the air ducts with eco-friendly duct cleaner. Because if they use chemical cleaning agents, it can cause further irritation and breathing problems.

4. Higher HVAC Efficiency

In recent days, there has been a spike in electricity prices. In this situation, you would probably prefer to save as much electricity as possible. But when the air ducts are uncleaned, it will block the airflow and lower the HVAC efficiency. Thus, your monthly cooling bills will increase and make you pay more. But you can reduce the HVAC cost by keeping the air ducts clean. Besides, when the air ducts are clean, your HVAC unit will have higher efficiency and will be able to give you maximum comfort. So, if you want to save money on cooling costs and have maximum comfort, you must keep the HVAC ducts clean.

5. Energy Savings

By keeping your ductwork clean and fresh, you will save money by reducing expenses on your energy bill. Your air conditioner and furnace won’t need to work as hard to cool and heat your home if you ensure that your air ducts are kept clean. These devices are designed to work efficiently in a clean environment. By keeping your ductwork well-maintained, your heating and cooling units can operate at maximum effectiveness.

How Frequent Should You Clean the Air Ducts?

Unlike other HVAC parts, you don’t have to clean the air ducts every six months. Instead, it is advised to clean the air ducts every four to five years. So, if your HVAC unit is more than five years old and you haven’t done any air duct cleaning, you should contact an air duct cleaning expert and clean the HVAC air ducts.


Air duct cleaning includes cleaning the HVAC ducts, grills, and register and installing a new HVAC air filter.

What Else Can Be Done to Fight Air Pollution?

Apart from cleaning the air ducts, you must regularly change the air filter. An HVAC air filter blocks dust and other micro-particles from entering your house. Thus, it gets clogged very quickly, and it requires frequent change. If you don’t change or clean the air filter when it is required, it will lower the IAQ. Besides, it will block the airflow in your HVAC system, which will result in higher cooling bills. Besides, it can even create unrepairable damage to the HVAC system. So as a responsible homeowner, you must change the air filter every 60 to 70 days. However, depending on the location you live, you may have to change it more frequently. The best way to know the exact time is by contacting your local HVAC expert.

Again, if you want high-level protection from air pollutants, you can install a high-rated MERV air filter in your HVAC unit. However, before installing such an air filter, you will have to ensure that the AC or furnace unit is compatible with it.


The bottom line is that by cleaning the air ducts regularly, you can keep the air inside your house clean and fresh. Besides, when the air ducts are clean, it will help the HVAC system to function properly. Most importantly, it will ensure maximum comfort. So if your HVAC air duct cleaning is due, you must clean the air ducts now.

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