Installing A Bathtub : What Are The 7 Rookie Mistakes?

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By Jacob G. Turner

Bathtub – The Most Important Fixture of Any Bathroom

The bathroom is the seat of privacy when it comes to any home. In other words, it is sacrosanct due to its private nature. Thus, naturally, you should customize a bathtub as per your requirements. It holds the most special place in any bathroom, and thus, one has to consider many factors when installing one. After all, once it is installed, it would be a very tedious and costly process to uninstall it in case of any issues.

Moreover, the size of your bathroom is an essential factor as well. You cannot simply wish to have a bathtub; you must also have the space for it. However, with modern interior design, today you get many Different Bathtub Designs for Small Bathrooms as well. So, scroll down and read about all this. Get innovative ideas for small bathrooms that you can utilize in your personal space. Learn about the most common mistakes in installing a bathtub. Make sure you are not making them in your bathroom.

Different Bathtub Designs for Small Bathrooms

Perks Of Enjoying a Bathtub in Your Bathroom

A bath is definitely a luxury; one needs to revel in it in one’s lifetime. It is pure comfort once you turn on the faucet and get inside it. You won’t think of getting out until you spend some quality time. A shower performs that function well enough if you want to clean yourself. A bathtub is for people who prefer to show themselves off from the rest of the sector. Thus, bathtubs help lift your mood, remove the exhaustion of the day, and enhance your peace of mind. This is why everyone should get one inside their home at some point in time. However, not anyone is aware of a way to installation which now and again ends in harm. We have highlighted some common mistakes you must avoid while installing it. Let us go through them!

7 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Bathtub Installation

Purchasing a bathtub is easy, you just go out and get one. Installing it is the difficult part. Many errors occur when installing one. This leads to extra expenditure and increased costs. Therefore, before you fall into the same trap, read about these common mistakes, which happen when you install one.

  • Getting the Right Size for Your Bathroom

Getting the right-sized bathtub for your bathroom should be your number one priority starting from the very basics. It sounds easy enough; what should pass incorrectly? However, simply calculating the dimensions of your bathroom isn’t enough. There are other factors to keep in mind, such as the fact that there will be pipes and other fittings, which will need space to get in. Moreover, bathtubs also need other fixtures, such as leveling frames, to stabilize them.

Thus, consult a professional who will handle these matters if you are going in for one. The same professional will also provide you with suitable small bathroom designs if you need them. When in doubt, leave it to the expert, always.

  • Calculating the Internal Space Required

You must also consider the number of people using it regularly. Based on that, you must also estimate how large a bathtub needs to be. Often, a bathtub might look big outside, but the internal space might be smaller. The internal space is essential to understand how many people a bathtub can fit inside.

Suppose a single person uses it, there isn’t much to consider. However, if you want to spend some romantic moments with your loved one in a bathtub, you might need a

Calculating the Internal Space Required

bigger size than you think. The internal space will be cramped if you do not have a proper size per your needs. Thus, you will not be able to get the comfort that you desire. Therefore, you must think carefully about these issues before deciding.

  • Underestimating the Cost Required

If you have a budget, on which you have to operate, it is always best to consult a professional who will give you the exact bathroom renovation cost. There is no way a layperson can estimate the expense incurred. An average person can only estimate the cost of the bathtub they want to buy. However, in the installation process, they cannot know of countless other miscellaneous expenses. For example, fixtures and fittings are required, which is an additional cost. In addition, you might want to go in for additional bathroom storage. Moreover, there are other bathtub accessories to attach which can cost a decent expense. 

  • Appearance Vs Functionality

People often go for the bathtub with the best appearance and look. However, it might not always be the best fit for their bathroom, so it all goes to waste. Therefore, go for the bathtub suited to your bathroom’s aesthetic. A modern bathtub in a Victorian bathroom simply won’t go,
right? Similarly, if you are going in for bathroom renovation, consult your professional and choose one that has the best look for the bathroom aesthetic you are going for.

  • Unstable Base and Fittings

Another common mistake is the non-attachment of the bathtub to the bathroom floor. Without the right-sized nuts to bolt it in place, your bathtub will remain unwieldy and unstable. Thus, if you are inside it and you make a sudden movement, it could simply turn over. Thus, it is a potential accident waiting to happen. Therefore, do not take this lightly. Instead, make sure to secure it firmly to the bathroom floor.

  • Reinforcing the Bathroom Floor

You must also consider the amount of weight that your bathroom will be able to withstand comfortably. Consult a professional about this matter because it can become a huge risk if not dealt with properly. According to the weight of the material, which your bathtub is made of, you might need to add some additional support below the floor. Not doing this can cause a severe accident inside your home

  • Cost of Maintenance

Apart from all this, there is also a cost of maintenance, which you must consider when selecting one. Depending on the material, it might need either very high or low maintenance. Bathtubs need to shine and make you feel happy. This shine is dependent on the amount of maintenance it would need. It can become the source of your pleasure or your disdain. So, make a mental note of this when you go to get your bathtub since this can be a deciding factor later on.

The Bottom Line

Conclusively, these were the most common mistakes you could commit while installing a bathtub. A poorly installed one can be dangerous, especially if it’s not properly secured to the framing or base. It can cause the bathtub to shift or move, leading to accidents and injuries.It is always advisable to take professional help , as it would not only help you to get the right advice but also save you many pennies. Being a novice, you might end up making some mistakes that skyrocket your budget. 

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