Can You Install A Garbage Disposal in Any Sink- Complete Guide[2024]

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By Jacob G. Turner

Garbage disposers vary from prototype to prototype, they all work on similar guides. They are designed to grind solid foods into small particles which can then be washed down the drain. The disposer should be installed between the kitchen sink drain and the drain pipe that will send water and waste to the outside of the home. 

Be aware that if you have a dishwasher, the disposer’s knockout plug will need to be removed in order for the dishwasher to drain. Installing a dishwasher in the single bowl sink is like a piece of cake and it takes very little time. But if you have a double bowl sink this might be a bit tricky to do. Then you’ll need an extra strainer basket in the drain line of the second half of your sink. 

So this eliminates the tension of Can you install a garbage disposal in any sink? Because of course, you can.


Installing a Garbage Disposal in Any Sin

Tools Required

  • Screwdriver
  • Pipe wrench
  • Hacksaw
  • Pliers
  • Double bowl connector kit
  • 40-millimeter to 50-millimeter trap adapter

Steps to be followed

  1. The first step of the installation is to disconnect the trap and the remainder of the pipe connections. Next, remove the strainer assembly and separate the parts of the mounting assembly. Then loosen the screws until they are level with the mounting ring. The assembly will now come apart easily by simply prying off the snap ring.
  2. After scraping clean, the sink drain hole of any caulking, apply the rubber washer to the sink flange and press it firmly in place to make a secure watertight seal. To attach the other mounting assembly, slip the rubber washer up and over the sink flange sleeve.
    While carrying the backup ring with one hand, put the mounting ring with its three screws on the sink sleeve. Then slide the snap ring onto the sleeve until it pops into place. 
  3. Finally, constrict the three mounting screws so that the assemblage is installed evenly and tightly against the sink. To install the air switch push button below you may need to consult a specialist before carefully drilling a thirty-two-millimeter hole in the worktop at the most convenient point of use. 
  4. The air switch button and tube kit are non-electrical components the air switch provides a safe and easy way to turn the disposer on and off. To connect push one end of the PVC tubing onto the spout of the push button below. Feed the other end of the tube through the hollow in the worktop and through the nut and washer underneath. 
  5. Inspect the push-button beneath the hole and tighten up the nut and washer underneath the worktop until it is tight to secure the air switch to the waste disposer which is linked to the other end of the air tube and force it over the faucet of the air switch which is uncovered on the base of the disposer. 
  6. Now to connect the disposer to the mounting assembly, lift the disposer into position with the three mounting tabs lined up with the sink mounting assembly screws and turn it right until the tabs are engaged. 
  7. Place the split rubber gasket onto the discharge tube with the flat end facing out. Slid the metal flange along the discharge tube up against the rubber gasket. Then secure the metal flange discharge tube to the disposer with the two 13-millimeter bolts supplied.  
  8. Rotate the disposer until it is aligned with the drain trap cut the pipe to length and insert in T piece. When installing the double bowl connector kit ensure that the T piece is slightly lower than the discharge pipe from the disposer to ensure water runs down when being discharged from the disposal then tighten the slip nut on the trap and the connection is made. Now lock the disposer in place. 
  9. Now for the electrical connections if there is already earth grounded electrical socket under the sink simply plug the waste disposer in and switch it on if not a power store socket should be lodged by a qualified electrician. Insert the muted collar sink baffle into the sink slot. Finally, check for any leaks.

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How to Install a Garbage Disposal with a Video Tutorial

Final Verdict

This is the simplest way you can install a new garbage disposal or replace it with a new one and no need to worry furthermore if can you install a garbage disposal in any sink.

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