Bedroom Lighting: A Complete Guide To Getting Them Right [2024]

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By Jacob G. Turner

The past few days were my experimental DIY days when I decided to give a remodeling look to each of my rooms, especially my bedroom (due to its dark ambiance, I feel it every time). What’s next, then? I took my phone instantaneously from my nearby desk and started browsing the internet for bedroom designs, which landed me in a virtual bookstore.

Studying tens of books on creating the perfect bedroom was not so bad, as it was all worth it. Almost every book indicated the necessity of superb interior lights, which even I felt. Over the internet, there are different blogs and articles on bedroom lighting, which I studied of course. But sadly, none of them explains the ways you can optimize it.

So, after winning the battle of creating a beautiful look through lights, I am finally here to spill the beans and tell you everything from scratch. Now you might think that there is no rocket science in fitting appropriate lights, and of course, you are right, but it’s not even less, trust me. Let us begin our article.

Why Is The Bedroom Lighting Crucial?

The foremost question your mind revolves around when doing anything new is why it is necessary. So, it becomes crucial to understand why we are doing it. Surprisingly, for some people, a bedroom might just be a place to crash and sleep. But that is a rare phenomenon providing that most of us spend our evenings, sometimes early evenings, cringe for a movie night, have beautiful moments with our partner, put on a show of our exclusive dance steps from our inside Michael Jackson, and even read during bedtime.

Hence to check mood and vibe at all times, we need better lights. In order to make your bedroom ready for all your spare time hobbies, get ready to initiate the change. In just five steps, you are done changing it immensely. So let us start!

How To Improve Lighting In Bedroom?

1. Know Your Bedroom Genre.

Bohemian bedroom style with minimal use of artificial bedroom lights

Before discussing bedroom lighting, let us focus first on your space. You are aware of the term genre, and it’s not new in this fashion world. Let me clarify so that you don’t miss anything. You need to check whether your bedroom is luxurious, modern, eclectic, bohemian, traditional, or cottage style. The best way to do it is by hitting here and checking the images.

If you randomly choose any light and place it near the bedside, it will ruin your existing decor taste. So you have to know your bedroom type and then plump for lights accordingly. Now, considering that ladies are picky about things (as am I), try fixing your issue this time by staying with me instead of taking giant steps.

Once you know your bedroom type, all you have to do is draw its rough sketch on paper, exhibiting furniture and rug positions. It is not necessary to be an artist for this task; a simple layout will do the trick.

Having completed this step, let’s move on to the next.

Source: @cottoncandystories / Instagram

2. Elevate The Entrance Of Natural Light In Indoors.

A neutral colored bedroom filled with natural light

Natural lights are the elementary showstopper of any place. The reddish yellow lights from early morning to the late warm and cozy sunset lights differ yet compliments our space with an ambiance. And deep inside, we know that even the best interior designers play with the natural light in the homes to make them look beautiful. So what are you waiting for? Let’s play with your surroundings and improve your bedroom lighting.

Remember, you have to make the most out of these lights, and I will tell you how.

If you have a bedroom with a darker ambiance, let your walls do some work. Paint them with the lightest and most neutral colors, so you get the best light. You can also replace your existing curtains with white or translucent ones with less draping.

Remove blinds so that even the upper areas of the window give you the best sunlight. One more quick tip is to use a mirror so that your room appears large and there is more reflective of the natural light.

Now that you finally gave your space a good amount of light, let us move to artificial bedroom lighting on purpose.

Source: Sun Soul Style Interiors Link

3. Start Figuring Out The Correct Spots For Bedroom Lighting.

The best way to choose lights is by virtually constructing different moods in a single space. If you are confused, let me assure you again that I am here to tell you everything. Basically, figure out the decorative area, utility spot, and casual ambiance place in your bedroom. For example, your decorative area may comprise luxurious or cozy ottomans, and then the utility spot may comprise your reading or writing space (you wish to do in your bedroom), and then the lights for an ambiance that are perfect artificial sources for bedtime.

Once you have decided on them virtually, mark them in the layout, you made from Step 1. Identifying the spots and finding purpose is all you need to do here in this step. It looks like you are almost near choosing the bedroom lights, which will now be an easy task.

4. Plump For The Best In The Race Of Hundreds.

Beautifully installed bamboo pendant lamp near bed

There are hundreds of options for artificial bedroom lighting, but you need to know them at least. Basically, there are these kinds of light sources you can check on – table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights, chandeliers, recessed lights, sconces, ceiling fan lights, and DIY string lights.

Now what you read in the above steps, we have to apply them practically. For example, if you have a modern bedroom, you can choose table lamps, chandeliers, and recessed lights. For Bohemians, choose similarly. It is entirely your choice to get the best look by plumbing for the lights you want. But you have to be careful while picking them. The fabric for bohemian may not compensate for your

if its genre is eclectic or other.

The next thing is selecting light for spots. For decorative, chandeliers and sconces can be a good choice. For utility ones like reading, you need a good table or bedside lamp. And similarly, you can create a fusion of lights according to their purpose. A quick tip is to use translucent bulbs for a cozy look and bulbs with a cooler ambiance (blue lights) for improved moods.

Now, at last, I would encourage you to mark lights as per their name in the layout so you can explore and use permutations and combinations here for a desirable look.

Remember, don’t go in a hurry; instead, look for the good and choose wisely.

Source: Photography by Photographix / Via Architectural Digest Link

5. If Space Allows, Go For More Options.

If you still have space left for lights and you think a few corners are retaining shadows, ruining your mood and look, this step is for you.

Go for floor lamps in these cases, which are portable and look amazing in your corners. Also, in a few corners, you can create a cave-like structure with light fitting on a wall, making security among you.

The Best Bedroom Lighting For Inspiration

If you are still confused with the application of various lighting, don’t worry. I am providing you with the best pictures from the internet to inspire you enough. Have a look at them!

Beige Minimalist Collage Instagram Post


Finally, you have arrived at this section where we are approaching the end. Reading and checking for every option will make you aware and help you choose wisely. Even after you read the whole steps, your sparked creativity is only the key to the best bedroom look. But I promise these will help you more than anything if executed properly. Further, bedroom lighting is one of the components to make this space comfortable, and you know the other one, the bed, so what if I tell you there is a guide on making your bed cozy? See you on another side.

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