Embrace the Simplicity: Unveiling the Power of Scandinavian Style – Your Ultimate 2024 Guide with 7 Essential Tips

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By Paige Miller

Scandinavian style in home decor has become famous for its elegant and sophisticated look. Suppose you love the muted color palette, minimalist-style furniture mixed with cozy
elements, nature-inspired elements, and light-filled spaces. In that case, the Scandinavian style might be your ideal design style for your home. By the end of this article, you’ll be able
to learn everything about the Scandinavian style, including its essential characteristics and other details like color palettes, furniture, and accessories.

What is Scandinavian Style?

The Scandinavian style emerged in the 1950s, just like the modernist movement in Europe. This interior design style originated in the Nordic region, which includes countries such as
Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. The Scandinavian design style represents simplicity and is renowned for its functional furnishing, flawless craftsmanship, and clean
lines. If you live in an apartment or have a small house, this style is perfect for you as it focuses on minimalism.

Characteristic of Scandinavian Style

1) Nature-inspired

The Scandinavian style heavily emphasizes a link to the outdoors and blending with nature.

2) Balance

This style follows a simple rule: “not too little, not too much”—generally creating balance.

3) Functionality

All the necessary elements of this style, such as furniture, windows, or other furnishing, serve more than the function of looking nice.

4) Minimalistic

This style is minimalist in its design, which means furnishings and accessories are kept to a

Use Simple Yet Stylish Furniture


Scandinavian furniture does not have unnecessary details as in a Bauhaus style. Instead, it features clean, smooth lines with simple profiles. This type of furniture is marked by innovative design, tapered legs, subtle curves, a specific look, and natural light hues. Therefore, whatever furniture pieces you want to include, be it a sofa, chair, or table, should
have an iconic shape without adornment.

Include Natural Elements


An element of nature is important in a home decorated in a Scandinavian style. When it comes to this, indoor plants can do the right trick. Whether potted in the planter somewhere
on the floor or placed in a glass vase on the coffee table or side bench, it makes your space domestic and liveable.

Let There Be Light


Originating from the Nordic roots where the darkness is much, the Scandinavian style emphasizes more on creating bright spaces. Try to allow maximum natural light inside your
house by keeping your window bare from the coverings like curtains. If you cannot do so, another ideal type of lighting for this style is industrial flair lighting, such as pendant lamps,
arc floor lamps, and task lighting.

Focus on Neutral Colors


The predominant color options in the Scandinavian design style are typically light-reflected muted hues such as white and gray or neutral pink. The reason for using these two colors is that they make the space feel bright and peaceful. This color palette is ideal for walls as it creates a clean backdrop to make the rest of the furniture and art pieces stand out.

Warm and Cozy Textile


The main difference between Scandinavian and other design styles is the “level of coziness”. Scandinavian style focuses on creating warm and comfortable spaces rather than cold. A
comfy pillow, a thick wool throw, and a striped cozy rug are popular alternatives for Scandinavian-style decor.

Choose Subdued Colors Carefully


While it is true that Neutral hues are the Scandinavian style’s trademark, they are not the only colors you can utilize if you wish to include this style in your room or home. You can use
colors other than white but in a limited way. Think about the inclusion of other colors through furniture and accessories.

Below mentioned colors are also good choices in Scandinavian-style homes.
● Moss parrot
● Icy blue
● Charcoal gray
● Burnt orange

Mix-and-Match Materials


Unlike the modern style, which sticks to natural materials, the Scandinavian style allows the use of different materials. Think of ceramic lamps, metallic chandeliers, leather sofas, or
glass vases to create an enjoyable living space layout.

Install a Fireplace in the Corner

As the Scandinavian style embraces the concept of hygge, there should be one element of fire in your space. So, if you have a wood stove or fireplace, try to use it. Instead of putting it at the center of the living room, locate it in a corner to achieve the look of the Nordic Style.

Final Words

If you use these ideas as a reference, you can design a space that embodies the minimalism, attractiveness, and practicality of Scandinavian interior design.

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