How To Sleep With A Fractured Pelvis (4 Easy Tips for Better Sleep)?

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By Jacob G. Turner

Pelvis lies between our hips and the shape seems to be a butterfly. Basically, a fracture in the pelvis is an uncommon problem. Albeit it is uncommon among us, if the fractured pelvis symptoms appear on you, you need ample bed rest to recover quickly. When it comes to taking rest, undoubtedly the sleeping place is in the top position. That’s why here we discuss how to sleep with a fractured pelvis herein. So, let’s see the way of sleeping with a fractured pelvis.

How To Sleep With A Fractured Pelvis?

How To Sleep With A Fractured Pelvis

Our first suggested position is taking a pillow and placing it between your legs. This position will help to keep safe from twists or turns in the pelvic area while sleeping on the side. Here you have to ensure the parallel position of the pillow between both knees and the back should remain straight.

Moreover, if you like to sleep on the back, you have to use a triangular-shaped wedge leg pillow under the knees that will support your pelvis.

Sleep on your back

The second one is a back sleeping position that will help to heal the injury faster. When you sleep on your back it will not put much pressure on your injured spot and also the internal organ that has pelvic floor support. Moreover, if you elevate your legs slightly using a pillow, it will ensure smooth blood on your injury.

Sleep in the middle of the bed

Do you have a rolling habit in bed during sleeping?

If not, you can sleep in the middle because sleeping on the bed edge will increase the pelvis fracture injury if you fall from the bed. However, if you have rolling problems you can place pillows or cushions as a precaution.

Use painkillers that are prescribed by a doctor

Undoubtedly, pelvic fracture-related injury is an agonizing experience and causes much pain. In this case, if you feel enough pain, you need to contact a doctor to get pain-reducing medicine. Moreover, you can use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, if the pelvic injury is minor. Also, you can use Acetaminophen that will work for fractured pelvis pain.

Is the mattress good or bad while fracturing the pelvis?

Though the Pelvic is associated with the hip, the fracture herein will retard you from normal walking or working for some days. So, you need to take complete bed rest for a few months. When it comes to taking bed rest, you have to ensure a well-supported, high-quality mattress and experts also suggest that.

What is the fastest way to heal a broken pelvis?

fractured pelvis

One to three hours of surgery will help to recover the patient initially but, the aftermath of surgical treatment is the most crucial time for the patient. At that time patients need some non-surgical psychotherapy treatment or pelvic fracture rehabilitation to heal faster. Here you will find those treatments.

  • To make the surrounding hip muscles like the hamstring, quadriceps muscles, and gluteal strong, you can do static (isometric) exercises.
  • For the other joints like the ankle, foot, and knee, you can do a range of movement exercises.
  • You have to maintain upper limb activity.
  • Another is soft tissue techniques, here include massage and friction on muscles. This technique is applied to the muscles that become tight due to bed rest.
  • To minimize any muscle spasms and increase the range of movement, you need to take hydrotherapy.
  • After 4 to 6 weeks from the injury, you can gradually back to your normal (weight-bearing) activities like stair climbing and walking.

How to sit comfortably with a fractured pelvis?

Though this injury is related to the hip, you can’t put your body weight on the hip for the 1st few weeks. But if you need to sit, you have to put your hands backward on the chair’s arms. It will help to shift some weight off the body. Moreover, you may contact a physiotherapist to learn some load-bearing techniques

How can I be comfortable with a broken pelvis?

Life after pelvic fracture surgery is the most important part because it will determine how quickly you can return to normal life. Here we discuss the way how to perform important normal daily activities comfortably with a broken pelvis.

  • Bathing – For a strip wash, you can use either a bath board over the bath or a perching stool.
  • Small aids – To pick the item from the floor, you can use a reacher. Moreover, you can use a long-handled shoehorn to put on shoes and shocks.
  • Toileting – To perform this important task, you have to use a raised seat that helps to uplift the toilet seat.
  • Seating – You need to use special blocks to sit.
  • Sleeping -You have to maintain some position while sleeping with a fractured pelvis.
  • Wheelchair – In some cases, your doctor may suggest using a wheelchair to move. So, if your doctor suggests you like that, you have to use the wheelchair

How can I make my fracture heal faster?

For pelvic fracture-related patient, pain medicine, medication, and bed rest is the suggested treatment. So, you have to stay in bed for the first 2 or 3 days and it will reduce your pain with movement. And you have to follow the proper position for sleeping with a fractured pelvis. At that time, you may need to take help to perform bathing, bathroom, taking meals, etc.

For the bathroom, you can use a bedside commode or a bedpan and it will make the task easy. Naturally, the long bed rest may weaken your muscles, worsen the back stiffness and pain, etc., so, and try to start walking or sitting as soon as possible. Moreover, you have to use crutches, a cane, or a walker for the first few weeks to walk comfortably.

Final Thoughts

As you may know, fracture of bone causes so much pain and retards our daily activities. Moreover, the aftermath of such an injury is really important for the patient because it will help to return to normal life. The pelvis fracture is such an example and it takes so much rest to recover. Hopefully, we can let you know how to sleep with a fractured pelvis because it is the most important part of the rest.


Can you walk around with a broken pelvis?

To heal from pelvis fracture-related injury, you should keep weight off the hips. When you get permission for walking after pelvic fracture from your doctor, you should use crutches or a walker.

Can a fractured pelvis heal itself?

Notably, a broken pelvis can recover itself. When you take a little rest and good nutrition, the bone will heal. Moreover, the fracture area’s local tissues frequently keep the fracture pieces in order.

How long is a hospital stay for a broken pelvis?

Usually, the surgeon takes one to three hours for the cracked pelvis surgery. Afterward, most of the patients need to stay for several days in the hospital.

Does exercise help heal broken bones?

Circulation is considered an essential thing for healing the bone. That’s why the patient has to do exercise to keep smooth blood flow.

Can you fully recover from a fractured pelvis?

Yes, the patients usually take 8 to 12 weeks to recover from pelvis fracture injuries. But the patient with severe pelvis injuries (involving several breaks) can be life-threatening.

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