How to Prepare for Bed bug Heat Treatment- With 4 Easy Steps

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By Jacob G. Turner

Heat treatment is currently the most effective way to kill bed bugs. Where traditional methods of chemical use are failing, this heat treatment can tackle this tedious and stressful task in the quickest easy way.But how to prepare for bed bug heat treatment? Heat treatment is undoubtedly the most effective way to implement it. But for the most outstanding results, you need to prepare a little.Also, if you are a beginner, you may not know the risk factors or complications of this process.To make your preparation hassle-free, we’ve simply outlined each necessary instruction. You just have to follow our every instruction sincerely.So let’s get started.

How to Prepare for Bedbug Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is the best option for bedbugs if you need first results without using chemical solutions. But before you start, you need to make some preliminary preparations for an excellent risk-free outcome.There are several necessary things to consider before starting a heat treatment. Let’s discuss all the essential things that you may need to know.

1. The Effectiveness of Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

You may be wondering why you should choose heat treatment first. This treatment is extremely effective for Bedbug, which works magically in a short time.It gives temperatures above 93 degrees Celsius that kill bed bugs immediately. For this reason, it is very effective in eradicating this elusive parasite.Chemical treatment does not guarantee the same because these insects can develop resistance to the chemicals commonly used for treatment.The method of killing bed bugs by heat treatment is quite simple. Bugs cannot survive extremely high temperatures, and their biology cannot create any resistance to survival at high temperatures.It is like pest management which spreads heat for hours on every end of the house through machines instead of chemicals.Steam or gas treatment can be a little problematic. Because it is difficult to cover all areas, insects can escape by targeting steam or gas.But the heat can reach almost everywhere, for example, behind walls, under baseboards, and even on the roof where razor-thin insects hide.

2. The Problem with Cold Spots

Heat treatment can quickly be dubbed the most effective bed bug removal technique, but there is a problem called ‘cold spots.’Cold spots frequently appear when there is some sort of insulation, like a piece of furniture between the heat and the hiding place of the insects.Heat treatment is undoubtedly beneficial, but you must make sure that you have successfully heated each bug. If you have a lot of furniture, it can be challenging to reach the hidden bugs.So, to avoid cold spots, you need to remove the furniture from the targeted heat radius.

3. Can I Go for Steam Cleaner Instead of Heat Treatment?

If you think about the second-best method for killing giant bed bugs, a steam cleaner is the one you would want to apply. Because it is a handy tool that is very effective for bedbugs. You can easily operate it by following the instructions sincerely.But sometimes, you may feel a slight problem with gas treatment. It is true that bugs eventually grow chemical resistance against gas, and gas can’t reach behind the walls and can’t go through small cracks and crevices of the house.But, if you use a powerful Steamer for Killing Bed Bugs, you’ll see the difference and realize the misconception about it.You must go for a steam cleaner that produces a very high temperature essential to kill the bugs.

4. Consider Hiring Trained and Competent Technicians

Sometimes, working with a very high temperature can be dangerous if you don’t have any experience.In this situation, you should hire pest control technicians who have experience using extreme temperature levels while implementing heat treatment to kill bed bugs.This task can pose some difficulties for an average person; that is why you should leave the job in the hands of professionals. This will guarantee no injury to anyone and complete eradication of the infestation.

What to Expect During Heat Treatment?

High heat can damage some furniture and other items in the house. Because some things are at risk of high heat loss. So, before you start, you should move these items somewhere else.But for this, you need to know what to remove before applying heat treatment to avoid injury. Let’s find this out!
  • Remove Items That May Melt or Explode

Please check all electronics and heat-sensitive items in the house while preparing for heat treatment. You must remove all things that can cause fire or are easily combustible.Let technicians do a walkthrough of the house to check whether all the things prone to catch fire are removed before starting the heat treatment.
  • Remove Items That May be Damaged by Large Air Blowers

When the air blower blows heat around, you should remove the items that may be damaged by the powerful air blower.This caution is especially applicable to any artwork or pictures on the walls in your house. These artworks or photographs are sensitive to air pressure and heat. And if any of these get damaged, you may not be able to repair them.
  • Remove Living Plants and Pets

Many houseplants or indoor plants may not survive the high temperature of heat treatment. Even if some plants survive the heat, they’ll be seriously damaged.So, you should move all the plants outside the house while applying heat treatment at high-temperature levels.Also, your pet may die in a collision with a hot air blast. Therefore, you should keep your pet outdoors when applying heat treatment.
  • Move Aside Sentimental, Valuable, and Personal Items

During heat treatment, you can keep items like mattresses and box springs of beds in the home. But don’t forget to remove picture frames, personal items, and decorative items from your house.You can keep them sealed in plastic bags or airtight containers with an aerosol chemical to keep beg bugs away. Also, you should launder clothes and pack them inside bags or containers which are airtight.


Suppose you think preparation is not necessary before heat treatment. But there is a massive possibility your heat treatment won’t be effective in killing the bugs.Mattress, box springs, and many other places in your house can be a suitable hideout for the infestation.So, we highly recommend taking proper preparation before heat treatment and taking professionals’ help.Best of luck!We hope you found this post interesting. If you want to see more of our content, you can visit our website for more articles, tips, and resources. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated with our latest posts . We would love to connect with you and hear your feedback. Here are our social media links:InstagramFacebooktwitterRecommended Reading: