Outreach Attention

First Read The Full Guide:

If you email us without reading all the terms on this page, your email will not be answered.

And If you don’t agree to any of our terms, then we don’t allow you.

Thank you for visiting this page. Yes, we accept guest posts, but we don’t accept CBD, Porn, Casino, or Gambling types of content. We allow only Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Sleep, Decor, Furniture, Home, Garden, and Kitchen related content.

Article Publishers queries:

1. Accept Guest post
2. Accept link exchange & No follow link is free
3. Organic Traffic is around 15k
4. Maximum 1 Do-follow link
5. The content must be at least 1 thousand words
6. The post will be published within 24 hours
7. $10 per guest post and $10 per link insertion (Don’t Bargain)
8. You can pay at PayPal or Payoneer
9. You can pay after getting the live URL


Content Writing Part

Our first and last talk is about Quality, Resourceful, SEO-optimized content.

Note: we are strictly saying If your content isn’t well written and SEO optimized then we will never publish your content. And must follow “Our content writing guidelines“.

Our Content Writing Guidelines:

1. You must add a unique feature image (size 728*485)
2. Maintain H2 – H3 – H4 heading tag
3. Must have content SEO optimized
4. Maximum 1 do-follow link
5. Minimum 1k words
6. Content must be human-written – Don’t try AI content
7. 100% unique and plagiarism-free content (Attach a proof)
8. All images will be entirely unique (copyright free)
9. At least provide 3-4 images for the body content and a unique feature image.
10. Write a meta description


Here is two content writing sample links.


I hope, I won’t be disappointed by your content.


If you agree with all terms and conditions then share some content topic ideas at wehomedeco.com@gmail.com

By Jacob G. Turner

Jacob G. Turner is the content director of We Home Deco. He mainly focuses on mattress reviews and comfy products. He takes a straightforward, honest approach to his reviews and endeavors to give viewers an objective look at each new product he tries out.

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