Kenmore Refrigerator isn’t Cooling? [ Clear Guide 2024]

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By Elsie Smith

Refrigerators are an amazing appliance and the most crucial part in our everyday life. Refrigerators play an important role in maintaining the hygiene of your food and preventing it from being spoiled by the bacteria by keeping the temperature of your food low. However, besides being such an all-rounder, a Kenmore Refrigerator is merely a machine, and it can too get disturbed or faulty sometimes.

Refrigerator maintenance is crucial for preserving food freshness. Explore comprehensive guide on “Refrigerator” to discover tips for efficient cooling, organization, and maintenance. Whether you have a Kenmore, Samsung, or any other brand, our tips will help keep your refrigerator running smoothly and your food fresh. Here in this article, we will discuss about why your Kenmore refrigerator is not cooling with some working solution.

Common reasons behind Cooling issues of Kenmore Refrigerator

Insufficient Airflow due to blocked vents

In order to maintain proper cooling temperature of your Kenmore Refrigerator, it is required to allow space for proper air flow between your freezer and the fridge compartments. The vents helps cool air to enter and exit the fridge compartments through freezer compartments. They are generally located along the surface between the fridge and the freezer or at the backside of your refrigerator.

If these vents are blocked, then it hinders the natural airflow which leads to a decrease in air circulation. Hence, a proper airflow is very necessary in maintaining the optimal condition of a Kenmore Refrigerator. A blocked vent can cause various issues inside the refrigerator, such as excess frost, fluctuating temperatures, items may get freeze if placed directly in front of the freezer. In order to make your vent work properly you need to check the vents for any obstructions, such as food items or ice buildup.

By following these potential steps, you can maintain your vents properly and prevent it from any unwanted damage.

  • checking and cleaning vent regularly: In order to make your refrigerator vents work properly you need to inspect it and clean it on regular basis. There might be some food items or ice buildup that prevents the natural airflow. You can use vacuum cleaners, or just rinse the vent covers with normal and clean water then wipe it off with a clean-dry cloth and then let it dry by itself.
  • Organize food items properly: Try to avoid putting items directly in front of the vents. Place your items strategically to make proper room around the vent for proper airflow.
  • Prevent blockages: Make sure that nothing is in between the compartments of fridge and freezer and there is ample space for proper airflow between them.
  • Use a digital data logger: A data logger helps to verify the stability of temperature and humidity level. There are various data loggers available in the market make sure to purchase the right one that suits your refrigerator.

Faulty Condenser Fan Motor

In a good refrigerator, there exist a condenser fan motor. The main function or purpose of the condenser fan motor is to remove the heat generated in the refrigeration process. It removes heat from the condenser coil by pulling air over the coils, carrying the heat away that has been generated by the pressurized gas, which makes the refrigerant condense and transform into a liquid making the refrigerant ready to cool the interior of the Kenmore Refrigerator.

In addition, not all refrigerators have condenser fan motor only the large appliances possess them. Here are some of the common issues that cause the malfunction of your condenser fan motor.

  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Faulty fan motor
  • Issue with the cappacitor
  • Faulty compressor
  • Thermostat problem
  • Defrost system failure

The first step is to check whether the fan motor is damaged or not. If yes, then it is always better to consult a professional, but you can also check out these steps to replace the fan motor.

1. Steps to check whether the fan motor is damaged-

  • Get the tools and equipment.
  • Make sure to disconnect the main power supply.
  • Try to inspect the motor vissually.
  • Check whether there is any loose connections or not.
  • Then, test the motor windings.
  • Use a multimeter to test the continuity of the windings. The resistance should not be more than 1 ohm.
  • Check the fan blade for any obstructions.
  • Try to turn the motor blade, if the motor blade does not spin freely then it is needed to be replaced.

2. Steps to replace condenser fan motor-

  • Firstly, check if the blade has any damage.
  • Then, try to remove the fan blade from the motor by loosening the set screw.
  • If the fan blade seems to be damaged during the removal process then it needs to be replaced.
  • For access the motor, you need to remove the nuts that bolt it to the top unit.
  • Finally, after removing the nuts, you may replace the motor.

Inadequate Sealing of the Door Gasket

Source: Dave Smith Appliance Services

The seal around Kenmore Refrigerator door is basically a barrier between the cool air inside and the warm air outside. The inadequate sealing of the door gasket can allow warm air to enter inside your refrigerator by leaking cold air.

Some other effects that you can find by worn out sealing of door gasket are- the refrigerator cycles on too often which leads to the reduction of efficiency. The other reason is the energy consumption of the Kenmore Refrigerator increases by approximately 9%. You can check if your refrigerator`s door gasket sealing is worn out or needs to be replaced. The steps are so simple and easy- take a piece of paper and put it between the door and the fridge, and then pull it. If the paper gets slip out easily then it is time for you to replace the door gasket.

You can also identify the disruption in a door gasket by checking if there is any visible cracks or loose seal and also run a laser thermometer around the entire seal, if the temperature dip, then there`s a chance of leakage.

However, you can keep your sealing of the door gasket clean with some easy and reliable steps.

  • Make a baking soda and warm water solution by adding one tablespoon of baking soda with one quarter of warm water.
  • Use a microfiber cloth or any toothbrush to dip into the solution and then gently wipe down the gasket thoroughly.
  • Now, clean the whole seal with a clean and dry cloth and check for the seal.

Refrigerants Leaks

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A refrigerant plays a very crucial role in functioning of your refrigerator, it basically transforms heat from one area to another by circulating through coils to absorb heat and remove it from the refrigerator`s contents. This whole circulation process keeps the food fresh inside.

Leakage in refrigerant can cause a refrigerator to stop cooling because it cannot regulate the temperature properly which eventually results in spoiling of the stored products.

Here are some listed signs of a refrigerant leak.

  • The most basic sign is that the food inside your fridge feels warm.
  • A tell-tale sign is the ice built-up on the copper lines.
  • A musty or odd smell start to generate inside your refrigerator.
  • Have a look if there is any oily residue.
  • The refrigerant leakage can cause the motor to constantly run for too long.

Some listed reasons why your refrigerant gets leak.

  • Careless defrosting or scrapping the ice from the freezer.
  • Cooling system may installed in an improper way.
  • Corrosion in the copper tube wire of the indoor coil.
  • Inadequate or worn-out seal around the refrigerator.
  • High humidity level.

But need not to worry! you can fix all of these malfunctioning of refrigerant and prevent it from any further leakage, you must contact a professional and seek their help as a professional is best able to provide information about your particular circumstances and if you need any immediate assistance, please make sure to call the Kenmore emergency services.


The common causes why your Kenmore refrigerator isn’t cooling are-

  1. Insufficient airflow due to blocked vents
  2. Faulty condenser fan motor
  3. Inadequate sealing of the door gasket
  4. Refrigerant leaks

You can choose to make your Kenmore refrigerator work properly by just focusing on the points listed above. Make sure that your vent is not blocked, and it has a room for proper airflow. Keep on checking for the condenser fan motor and make sure to replace it if necessary. Always keep your sealing of the door gasket sealed and make the necessary adjustments if needed to clean and replace it. The most crucial part is the refrigerant leakage so seek professional help when it comes to the refrigerant leakage.

You should always involve in a regular maintenance and prompt repairs to ensure a dependable and efficient cooling system of your Kenmore refrigerator. Maintaining refrigerator regularly helps in many ways such as-

  • Efficient energy or reduction in energy consumption.
  • Reduction among the risk of breakdowns.
  • Regular maintenance helps in extending the life span of your refrigerator.
  • Regular maintenance also ensures the safety of your food and the products stored inside the fridge.

With all of these tips and tricks you can maintain your Kenmore refrigerator and use it for long time.

For Complete information about refrigerators, visit the Frigidaire Refrigerator. Whether you’re looking to buy a new fridge, troubleshoot issues with your current one, or find maintenance tips, this resource offers valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and keep your refrigerator in top condition.

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