4 Steps To Build An Amazing Pantry Cabinet for Your Home

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By Jacob G. Turner

Looking for a professional to build your desired pantry cabinet? Well, why don’t you get basic ideas for building a pantry cabinet before investing money in a professional? Making a simple pantry cabinet is all about assembling plywood perfectly. After that, you need to give it a good finish.pantry cabinet

However, if you’re interested to know how to build a simple pantry cabinet, something more is waiting for you. You’ll essentially need cabinet-grade plywood, drill, corner clamps, and hinges.

To build a perfect pantry cabinet, cutting plywood in the right sizes is a significant part. Your food will no longer be unorganized in the kitchen after building a pantry cabinet.

What is a pantry cabinet?

A pantry cabinet is usually defined as a space where you can store food or kitchenware. It’s an essential part of your kitchen because nothing can offer a better-organized place than a pantry cabinet. A pantry cabinet is usually taller than regular base cabinets.

There is no specific number of shelves in a pantry cabinet. The big plus of using a pantry cabinet is it can be placed in an unused space. There must be a critical corner in your kitchen that’s free from any activity. Building and placing a pantry cabinet there is the best way to use that space.

Step by step guide – How to build a simple pantry cabinet

Before building a simple pantry cabinet, get yourself equipped with the necessary safety protections. Let’s see how to build a simple pantry cabinet.

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Step:1- Processing Plywood Pieces

The first step is drilling pocket holes in the back and shelf pieces. You’ll need to select the same size of plywood but the cut will be different for each segment. Using the Kreg R3 is recommended. It’s suitable for long edges of the back piece as well as on three sides of the shelves.pantry cabinet

You can follow this cut list for making a pantry cabinet. The plywood size must be ⅗” to maintain the following sizes.

  • 2 @ 83 ½” x 9 ¼” (sides)
  • 1 @ 83 ½” x 14 ¾” (back)
  • 5 @ 14 ¾” x 8 ½” (shelves)

You need to give all the pieces a good sanding so that there are zero rough spots or splinters. Also, it’s mandatory to dispose of all the sanding dust.

Plywood edges are extremely rough and don’t come with a decent look. Using edge banding is a good choice to ensure a great look. You’ll find several tutorials on the internet to understand it perfectly.

How To Apply Edge Banding with video tutorial

Step:2- Assembling pantry cabinet

This is the main step to making a pantry cabinet of professional grade. First, attach the top and bottom shelves to the rear part. Remember, keeping the pocket holes hidden is an inevitable part here. It’s important to position its back to face the wall.

Now, screw the plywood pieces together and position the other shelves. The position should be exactly at the points where the cabinet doors meet. In that case, you’ll need a few 1 ¼” pocket hole screws for making the attachment.

You should use a nail gun for cabinet making to secure as well as accelerate this step. Check out our content to pick the right nailer for your pantry cabinet making projects.

Next, it’s time to attach the sides. Using the corner clamps underneath helps in holding the shelves at a 90-degree angle. Therefore, you get the highest convenience for working.

Step:3- Painting

The amount of required paint depends on the pantry cabinet size. Generally, two coats of primer and two coats of paint ensure complete coverage. You should use the double angled paintbrush to get into the interior corners easily. In case your floor is uneven, stick shims under the cabinet to bring it to level. Then, finishing the paint will be much easier.

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Step:4- Installing cabinet doorsInstalling cabinet doors

You must have already drilled the hinge holes for the cabinets. It’s time to attach one side of the hinge to the inner part

of the cabinet. As there are two halves of the hinges, they’ll click together easily. Then, adjust the position of the door. You need to turn one of the three screws to execute this.

How to decorate your pantry cabinet?

  • Decorate your pantry cabinet with enchanting details. They could be colorful labels or patterned shelf paper.
  • You can paint with a gorgeous color that gives your pantry a better look.
  • Put light items on the top parts of the pantry. It’ll also help to maintain the durability of your pantry cabinet.
  • You can add lighting to the pantry cabinet. It’ll bring a colorful vibe as well as eliminate extreme darkness.


Your kitchen is incomplete without a simple pantry cabinet. A pantry cabinet is essentially more than a luxury thing. Along with keeping everything organized, it reduces the use of huge places. These benefits may have already convinced you as you’re reading this segment.

However, now you have a clear idea of how to build a simple pantry cabinet. It’s nothing but cutting plywood pieces inaccurate sizes for different parts. Then, attaching them is all you have to do.

The last step is installing a pantry cabinet door. It’s a lengthy process and requires professional experience. You can prepare some decorative things to make the pantry gorgeous. Organizing your pantry cabinet regularly is enough in our opinion rather than adding any extra decoration.

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