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Best Bed Frames With Storage In 2023

A bed frame is the essential part of a bed that holds the mattress and fixes the foundation’s position. It is made of wood or metal that includes side rails, head, and foot. However, people search for the best bed frames with storage for their bedrooms. Therefore, we have discussed four types of bed frames with their features, pros, and cons.

All the bed frames contain slats that support it and protect the mattress from sagging. Moreover, most of them have space under them for storage. However, all kinds of bed frames are not suitable for all. 

Some bed frames are cheaper, and some are expensive. Some of them are gorgeous and comfortable but suitable for a single person. So, select your product according to your requirement. 

Best Bed Frames With Storage In 2023

1. Allewie Queen Platform Bed Frame with 4 Storage Drawers and Headboard


  • There is no creaking or noise during sleeping.
  • It has a unique durable design.
  • It has ample space under the bed that prevents slipping.
  • This bed frame is suitable for a single person. 
  • The company provides all the tools and hardware needed to assemble it. 


MaterialWood, Lenin, Iron
Product Dimensions84.1″L x 63″W x 40.2″H
Special FeatureNo Box Spring Needed, Squeak Resistant


  • Provides ample storage space
  • Eliminates the need for a box spring
  • Easy to set up


  • The bed frame is relatively heavy

This bed frame uses a solid wooden slat and structure that provides robust mattress support. The user can sleep soundly without facing any noise, creaking, or disturbance. Its unique design offers enough durability. 

Moreover, abundant space under the bed prevents slipping problems. Therefore, people can have sound sleep without any back pain problems. Also, its assembling is easy and convenient for the users. 

These features help the users and reviewers consider it as the best wood platform bed frame. Though it is not enough for a couple, it is the best choice for a single person. You can also consider it as one of the best bed frames with storage

Before purchasing, visit some online marketplaces to know their features, pros and cons, and price. At present, it is out of stock on Amazon. However, they will bring it back in stock as it has huge demand.

2. SHA CERLIN Size Metal Bed Frame with 4 Sliding XL Storage Drawers


  • These bed frames are comfortable and stylish in outlook.
  • It has an attachment with a giant and deluxe wink back.
  • This bed frame is a padded type bed frame that provides a modern and glamorous look. 
  • The interior framework is of wood, and it does not require any box spring. 
  • Any mattress fits in this bed frame. 


MaterialEngineered Wood, Metal
Product Dimensions80.3″L x 61.4″W x 11.8″H
Special FeatureHeadboard Compatible, No Box Spring Needed, Extra Large Storage Space, Squeak Resistant


  • The metal frame is sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • The bed frame is relatively easy to assemble


  • Metal frame may have sharp edges

If you prefer a gorgeous and comfortable bed frame for your bedroom, Allewie’s modern platform-type bed frame is for you. It is the best modern platform bed. The manufacturer uses wood, fabric, and iron to make it. 

This bed frame provides both comfort and elegance at a time. Therefore, users and reviewers consider it one of the best bed frames with storage available in different marketplaces. 

At present, it is also out of stock on Amazon. However, it will be available in-store quickly. It has a great demand among people who like gorgeousness in their bedrooms. 

3. Platform Bed Frame with Storage Drawers – Solid Pine Wood Daybed for Kids Teen


  • It does not need a box spring.
  • Moreover, it has 14 inches of space for storage. 
  • This bed frame has padded tape.
  • It is available in different sizes, for instance, king, queen, and twin sizes.


MaterialPine + Plywood + MDF + PB
Product Dimensions79.5″L x 41.75″W x 15.6″H
Special FeatureSqueak Resistant


  • Durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear
  • A versatile addition to your child’s bedroom
  • Space-saving


  • May be challenging to assemble
  • Relatively expensive

This Van 16-inch metallic platform-type bed frame gives enough support for any mattress, like spring, memory foam, or latex. It has steel slates that provide support and saves the mattresses from sagging. That is why users consider this bed frames the best metal platform bed frame in the present market. 

Generally, it does not require any box spring. Moreover, it has different sizes like twin, king, or queen size. People who want noise-free sleep without a sagging mattress and have back pain can choose this bed frame. 

Final Words:

This review article may give you a brief idea to choose the best bed frames with storage for your bedroom. First, consider your aspects and then match your needs with the features of different bed frames. We suggest the Amazon basics foldable 14-inch metal platform bed frame and search for a cheaper bed frame if you are single. It is pretty good at an affordable price.

Besides, if you have a back pain problem and prefer a wooden bed frame, we recommend buying the king-sized wood platform bed frame for Olee sleep. Lavish and stylish people can choose the Allewie platform bed frame to decorate their room gorgeously. 

Finally, if you do not want the sagging problem with the mattress and desire sound sleep without having back pain, select the metal platform bed frame by Zinus Van.

Elevate Your Bedroom: Explore Stylish and Functional Bed Frames. Discover a wide range of bed frames that blend comfort and aesthetics to transform your sleeping space into a retreat of relaxation


How much do platform beds cost?

If you want a platform bed frame that can hold a lot of weight and last for a long time, you should choose a DIY platform bed with extra sturdiness. It will provide you with much support. 

Before purchasing this platform bed, you should have an idea about its price. It may cost you around $30. This kind of bed frame is worth this price. 

Are metal or wood platform beds better?

Wood has much sturdiness, and wooden platform beds provide noise-free sleep. Moreover, they do not creak after some days. 

However, some people prefer the standard bed frames made of metal. These bed frames may creak after a particular time. Therefore, we can recommend the wood platform bed as the better option. 

Do platform beds ruin mattresses?

The platform beds do not ruin mattresses. For a compatible mattress, there is an adjustable base that does not damage the mattress. However, it may lessen the longevity of the bed as it provides extra pressure on some points. 

Can you use a regular mattress on a platform bed?

There are different kinds of mattresses, for example, latex, foam, and memory mattress. Platform beds can provide enough support to all of these mattresses. Therefore, we can definitely and comfortably use a regular mattress on this kind of bed. 

The platform beds also can give support to the innerspring mattresses. However, box springs are better to pair with them. 

Are platform beds comfortable?

The platform beds are near the floor, and they are 12 inches above the ground. Traditional bed frames are different from this kind of mattress. These mattresses are stylish and suitable for decorating a room.

Moreover, the platform beds are practical and comfortable. They have different designs and styles. This mattress can provide a pleasant and sound sleep. Therefore, the users and reviewers suggest it as one of the best bed frames with storage

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